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Playwright Nicholas Wright: “This is a deeply personal play for me”

Nicholas Wright is a humble and beautifully spoken South African born British playwright. He began his career as a child actor, and studied at The London School of Music and Dramatic Arts. He has since opened and managed The Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court Theatre and is a former associate director of the Royal National Theatre. He has had a nearly 70-year career in theatre and has 99 published Read more [...]

Life Begins … Hope Springs

Do you feel like your life is really not going quite the way you want it to? Are a life begins or a hope springs kind of person? I am in a play called 'Life Begins' at The Lost Theatre, Wandsworth Rd, London. 'Life Begins' is a delightful comedy drama which revolves around 4 close friends living in London, all around the age of 40, and still single. Each character represents somebody you know who Read more [...]