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‘Taken 2’ possibly one step too far

Taken 2. Having seen Taken 1, I must admit to wondering how they could squeeze much more out of one man's family. But they did. Here are my incidental ramblings, by no means fully formed, about Taken 2. Law of reciprocity, lex talons, prescribes an 'eye for an eye' is the appropriate recompense for a crime committed. The details of which follow: 'Anyone who maims another shall suffer the same Read more [...]

The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson’s, 'The Master’ was the second film Aliens & Others watched and discussed on Saturday. The association of the subject matter with Scientology attracted a lot of media attention to the film, but we thought the themes of the movie were less about that organization and more about dysfunctional relationships in general. The story follows Freddie (Joaquin Phoenix), an isolated, Read more [...]

Skyfall Review

Skyfall was viewed and reviewed by our film club. Everybody has had their say about Skyfall so I will not attempt a review. I will merely record some thoughts that came out of some fairly heated discussions when the Aliens & Others met recently at the BFI Riverside Café. Bond himself has undergone rather a dramatic transformation over the years of changing norms and socio-historical circumstances. Read more [...]


Looper is a piece of quality science fiction. Looper 2012 (dir. Ryan Johnson). Starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt. It looks fantastic and in every detail (except the somewhat convoluted plot) is highly believable - a result, no doubt, of its unashamedly high production values. Whilst it is derivative of other well-known Sci-Fi films (The Terminator, Children of Men etc.), Read more [...]

A Royal Affair – Danish Costume Drama

A Royal Affair is a thoughtful dissection of relationships, both personal and political, and of the use and abuse of power. Made on a modest budget (by Hollywood standards), the film constructs a detailed and convincing picture of 18th Century Denmark, with excellent production and costume design. Part conspiracy thriller and part romantic drama, the film tells the story of the young English-born princess Read more [...]

Jurassic Park – A Rewatcher

Jurassic Park was a 90's classic for me! I remember being awed by the beauty of John Williams' score and amazed at the life-like, scary creatures on screen. I loved the scientific facts thrown in, the frights and the comic quips spoken by Dr Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). Recently I rewatched my childhood classic with my friend who'd never seen it and I was again wowed. Amazingly, like my favourite Aliens Read more [...]