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Who would imagine that a film almost entirely about the political process (the passing, in 1865, of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery in the United States) could be quite so gripping and dramatic? It is both of these things and more, though in fairness, it does take a while to get going. We owe this largely to the incomparable performance of Daniel Day-Lewis in the eponymous title role, but Read more [...]

A Royal Affair – Danish Costume Drama

A Royal Affair is a thoughtful dissection of relationships, both personal and political, and of the use and abuse of power. Made on a modest budget (by Hollywood standards), the film constructs a detailed and convincing picture of 18th Century Denmark, with excellent production and costume design. Part conspiracy thriller and part romantic drama, the film tells the story of the young English-born princess Read more [...]

Midnight in Paris

One of the this month's Film Club films was 'Midnight in Paris' (2003) which is a thoroughly Woody Allen auteur film set in Paris. The opening sequence takes the form of a series of scenes of Paris from morning until midnight through sunshine and rain, suggesting a kind of love story to Paris. This sequence forshadows some of the haunts (locations) and themes (midnight as the 'witching hour') of the Read more [...]