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Thoughts on a multicultural society

This little drama considers what we are really thinking when we come up against people who are different from us. For those of us who live in a multicultural, multiethnic society like London, we have the privilege of diversity. Do you live in a multi-cultural city? It's not meant to be pointing fingers at anyone, so no disparaging remarks please. See what happens in this hilarious take of COLLIDING Read more [...]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011) is truly an ensemble piece, starring as it does no less than seven of Britain’s best-loved veteran thespians. Directed by John Madden, Starring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy et al. Their aged characters all decide to spend their twilight years in the hotel of the title, an emporium that when they arrive is clearly a mere shadow Read more [...]

‘Stranger than Fiction’

'Stranger than Fiction' (2006) is a story-lover's gem. I discovered this film a little late for some reason. It was recommended to me by a friend recently knowing how much I love the nature and evolving structure of a story. This is a story about a man named Harold (Will Ferrell) who leads a repetitive and mundane existence timed precisely by his wrist watch. What Harold soon begins to realise, Read more [...]

Midnight in Paris

One of the this month's Film Club films was 'Midnight in Paris' (2003) which is a thoroughly Woody Allen auteur film set in Paris. The opening sequence takes the form of a series of scenes of Paris from morning until midnight through sunshine and rain, suggesting a kind of love story to Paris. This sequence forshadows some of the haunts (locations) and themes (midnight as the 'witching hour') of the Read more [...]

The Help

I went to see 'The Help' on Sunday evening with a couple of my gals - all of us, children of the 'colonies'. Having grown up in an environment where a servant/maid/help was always around and played a huge part in family, I could really relate to this film. Laughing and Crying The tears actually began before the film started - with the 'Warhorse' trailer. The weeping continued on and off throughout Read more [...]