Film Education

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Albert Einstein 

Film education is extremely important in a world that is becoming more and more visually literate and indeed media saturated. I have taught students to analyse films and make films for over 10 years and it is ALWAYS a popular and sought after course. Working with young people – every day is different! When you educate them about story and character and they grasp the power of the visual medium, sparks can fly. Though I am no longer in the classroom full time, I regularly consult with educators about how to use film as a medium in their teaching and how to manage the technical aspects of filmmaking and editing in a classroom setting.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” (The Jazz Singer 1927)

Take a look at The Proposal (below), a silent film made by students aged 15 in the Charlie Chaplain style … it won the student best film ‘Oscar’ in July 2011.

‘Jack in the Box’ is a horror film trailer also done by students aged 15-16 and won the best film ‘Oscar’ in July 2008.

These are just 2 great examples of my students’ film work. I always encourage students to communicate a story that captivates and entertains audiences, and to tell that story in a unique way.

Working With Sandi
"Working with Sandi was really amazing. She taught me a lot about planning and developing my work through storyboards, how to create interesting and intriguing story-lines and how to re-draft. I now want to pursue a career in professional animation." Lewis Pickston
Past Work
"I always felt so inspired by Sandi's passion for film, so much so that it sparked my own love for film, which I now study at university. When we were working on our trailer, her knowledge and input was invaluable and I feel as though I owe a great deal to her!" Daniela Brandano