The Help

Film clubI went to see ‘The Help’ on Sunday evening with a couple of my gals – all of us, children of the ‘colonies’. Having grown up in an environment where a servant/maid/help was always around and played a huge part in family, I could really relate to this film.

Laughing and Crying

The tears actually began before the film started – with the ‘Warhorse’ trailer. The weeping continued on and off throughout the film. In between the crying was laugh out loud laughter. One of the most memorable films that made me laugh and cry that much was ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ and I believe that to do this on one film is quite a feat!

If you’re old enough, there is also a huge amount of shame that comes with the viewing of this film. I am not an American, but every country has sidelined members of a community because of their race, religion, gender, culture, disability or accent. Sometimes this terrible segregation finds its way into law and seriously harms. I love how ‘The Help’ reflects a time of changing beliefs in a way that manages to be vulnerable, comedic, painful, nostalgic, historic and hopeful.

The Message

The message of the film revolves around how we treat one another – ‘Love your enemies’, ‘Lay down your life for others’, ‘Be honest’, ‘Listen’, ‘Value every human being’, ‘Dreams that are for a cause greater than ourselves give us purpose’.

Emma Stone and Viola Davis gave amazing performances, but I must say that my favourite was Octavia Spencer’s portrayal of Mini.

I loved this film!

Written By:Sandi Thompson

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