Life Begins … Hope Springs

Do you feel like your life is really not going quite the way you want it to? Are a life begins or a hope springs kind of person?

Theatre - Life Begins - SVG ProductionsI am in a play called ‘Life Begins’ at The Lost Theatre, Wandsworth Rd, London. ‘Life Begins’ is a delightful comedy drama which revolves around 4 close friends living in London, all around the age of 40, and still single. Each character represents somebody you know who is dealing with being alone and not getting any younger…

‘Life Begins’, as the old adage goes – at 40.

Theatre - Sandi Durnford-SlaterBut emotions run high in this refreshing and entertaining take on what single life can be like. There is something for everyone here and you may even find it rather therapeutic to laugh along with what’s arguably a shared experience.

Shared experience, you say? Yes! The thing is, that many who are single suppose that finding that perfect someone will ‘complete’ them, bring an end to their problems, make them feel better etc.

Film reviewTo throw a spanner in the works, yesterday I went to see ‘Hope Springs’ (2012) with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. I loved it! After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple attend an intense, week-long counseling session to work on their relationship, because they have stopped communicating and they are lonely. Streep and Jones play these roles so truthfully and poignantly, and I am reminded that being married is not better than being single, its just different and brings a whole set of other issues.

Kay (Meryl Streep) says to her therapist: “I’m lonely. When you’re with someone, but you’re not really with someone… Sometimes I think I’d be less lonely if I was actually alone.”

So what is the cure for loneliness? Can we really put so much pressure on another human being to ‘complete’/fulfil our needs? Surely its not all about us and our needs, and instead about what we can do for someone else?

See ‘Life Begins’, by award winning writer Silvano Griffith-Francis and SVG Productions, from 18-23 September 2012.

Written By:Sandi Thompson, founder of Aliens & Others film club.

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