‘Hitchcock’, Master of Suspense

He is the Master of Suspense... 'In Hitchcock's world we are all tainted by original sin and therefore fair game for attack,' says the narrator of the recent UK TV documentary 'Interview with the Master'. From 'The Birds' (1963), highlighting the apocalyptic sentiment of the 1960's, to the psychological discourse of 'Vertigo' (1958) and 'Psycho' (1960) or the high octane chase of 'North By Read more [...]


Looper is a piece of quality science fiction. Looper 2012 (dir. Ryan Johnson). Starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt. It looks fantastic and in every detail (except the somewhat convoluted plot) is highly believable - a result, no doubt, of its unashamedly high production values. Whilst it is derivative of other well-known Sci-Fi films (The Terminator, Children of Men etc.), Read more [...]

Life Begins … Hope Springs

Do you feel like your life is really not going quite the way you want it to? Are a life begins or a hope springs kind of person? I am in a play called 'Life Begins' at The Lost Theatre, Wandsworth Rd, London. 'Life Begins' is a delightful comedy drama which revolves around 4 close friends living in London, all around the age of 40, and still single. Each character represents somebody you know who Read more [...]

A Royal Affair – Danish Costume Drama

A Royal Affair is a thoughtful dissection of relationships, both personal and political, and of the use and abuse of power. Made on a modest budget (by Hollywood standards), the film constructs a detailed and convincing picture of 18th Century Denmark, with excellent production and costume design. Part conspiracy thriller and part romantic drama, the film tells the story of the young English-born princess Read more [...]

Pondering Prometheus

Prometheus was certainly long awaited by the 'Aliens and Others'. Ridley Scott's latest film is an analytical feast. It is certainly a big film. Big vision. Big set-scapes. Big questions. Big holes. Big confusion. Perhaps with so much hype and expectation one is bound for disappointment? If I wasn't such a huge fan of the first two Alien films would I still have left the cinema with a sense Read more [...]

‘Stranger than Fiction’

'Stranger than Fiction' (2006) is a story-lover's gem. I discovered this film a little late for some reason. It was recommended to me by a friend recently knowing how much I love the nature and evolving structure of a story. This is a story about a man named Harold (Will Ferrell) who leads a repetitive and mundane existence timed precisely by his wrist watch. What Harold soon begins to realise, Read more [...]

The Big Sleep

The Aliens and Others enjoyed another great evening of film conversation this month and by far the favourite of our chosen films was a Bogard and Bacall re-watcher, 'The Big Sleep' (1946). The Big Sleep still delivers on star chemistry and smouldering looks. The dialogue is filled with witty wisecracks and clever comebacks and I am reminded of the marketing line for this film at the time in reference Read more [...]

Screenwriters – The fine line between art and craft

On Monday morning I went to the first Breakfast Club for the Livingspiritgroup.com held at the Phoenix Artists Club, Covent Garden. This breakfast was a Screenwriters meet-up with guest speaker, American Script Guru, Linda Seger. This was a rare opportunity to hear some pearls of wisdom from a woman who has spent more that 30 years working with screenwriters to hone and develop their work. What Read more [...]

Fishing for a couple of Stars

It was a lovely warm summer's evening for Film Club on Friday and over a drink or two and a steak and 'salad', we came to some interesting conclusions about the May film choice, Brit Rom-com, 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen'. I must admit that the warm fuzzy feeling one might initially have walked out of the cinema with, quickly began to fade after paying closer attention to the film. Yes, it ticks Read more [...]